How to Find a Bathroom Remodel Contractor

A DIY bathroom remodel is fantastic if you're an expert. Otherwise, don't you don't, spare bathroom installations. But do you choose a bathroom remodeling contractor? There are many and you might be confused and end up with a poor choice.

Personal Recommendations

First off, nothing beats personal referrals when you're looking for a service professional. Ask your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors if they've worked with a bathroom remodeling contractor that they're happy to recommend. If possible, see how the job was done or at least look at some before-and-after photos. Then list down at least two or three contractors that you can consider for your own project. See more on Bathroom Remodeling in Spring

Internet Referrals

Another great way to get referrals is to use referral sites like Angie's List. You will likely find a good number of options here, along with their contact details and reviews of their work. Most probably, you can also look at pictures and learn more about the contractor’s experience and skill level.


Call each contractor you’re interested in, maybe two or three, and set up personal meetings with them. You can invite them to the property if you want, or you can wait till the second appointment . Besides, you'll likely drop at least one of these contractors after the first. Make sure you ask the right questions and always listen to your instincts. If something just doesn’t feel right, no matter run! See more on Bathroom Remodeling in Spring

What to Discuss

There are a few crucial issues you need to discuss when meeting prospective contractors:

Written Estimates

You’re not supposed to ask for a written estimate. Demand they give you one! And make sure it’s as detailed as possible, with every cost indicated, whether it’s labor, materials, and so on.


Bathroom remodeling contractors should be insured with workers' compensation, property damage, and personal liability coverage. If they say they have insurance, ask for proof.


If they hire subcontractors, you have to know the backgrounds of those people too. After all, they’re the ones who’ll be spending the most time in your home.

Site Cleanup

This is one issue that often gets ignored, but make sure the contractor you hire will take care of the cleanup - before, during and after. If they won’t, at least ask them to refer you to people who can do the task.


Don’t forget to ask your prospects for client references, and call these people and talk to them.
Ask them how their experience was like with the contractor, whether they were satisfied with the work that they did, and if they would consider hiring the same team for a future need.

After meeting each potential hire, you can now trim down your options to just one. Be sure not to take shortcuts or the price can be high. Finally, take time to review the information you have obtained from everyone you interviewed, then make comparisons. This is a critical part of choosing a bathroom remodeling contractor. Unless you compare your options, you’ll never know which one is truly the best for you. Find out more on
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